The Green Lake County Highway Commission is responsible for the year-round maintenance of 229 miles of County Trunk Highways and 70 miles of State Highways.

The Highway Commissioner directs the department, which consists of 23 employees. Operations of the department are quartered in two locations: the main facility is located in the city of Green Lake with the second facility located in the town of Manchester.

Request for Proposals

The Green Lake County Highway Department located at 570 South Street, Green Lake, WI will on Thursday, September 19, 2019 at 9:00 am be receiving and opening bids for:

Request for Proposals-BLDG

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Staff Directory

Barry Mashuda – Highway Commissioner

Aaron Wagner – Highway Superintendent

Jason Franke – Highway Superintendent

Becky Pence – Administrative Assistant

Bob Shaffer – Fleet/Warehouse Superintendent

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Current Projects

County Projects    Project Status
CTH CC  (CTH J – CTH J)  Reconstruction 2019
CTH S (RR Spur – CTH Q) Reconstruction 2018
Bridge Projects Project Status
CTH S – Grand River Bridge Construction 2019
WisDOT Projects Project Status
STH 49 (Green Lake – Berlin)  Pulverize & Relay


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Permit Fees

A non-refundable charge for administration purposes shall be assessed by the County Highway Department based upon the following fee schedule as follows for anyone seeking the following permits:

A. Utility Permit
– Utilities within County Trunk Highway Right-Of-Way:
(1) Off Pavement Utility Fee $50.00
(2) Borings $50.00 each
(3) Open Cut (cut through pavement) $325.00 each
(4) After the Fact Permit $75.00

B. Overweight-Size Permit – Transportation of loads of Overweight and/or Oversize on a County Trunk Highway:
(1) Overweight $75.00
(2) Oversize $50.00
(3) After the Fact Permit $75.00

C. Driveway Permit – Excavation, Fill or to Install a Culvert Pipe on a County Trunk Highway:
(1) Driveway New Access $150.00
(2) Driveway Alteration $50.00
(3) After the Fact Permit $250.00

D. Multi Trip Permit – Transportation of loads in excess of posted weight on a County Trunk Highway:
(1) Single-Trip $50.00 each
(2) Multi-Trip $150.00 max

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Implement of Husbandry (IoH) Permits

For Information visit: www.wisconsindot.gov ~ Agricultural equipment and vehicles

State E – opt in Yes
Green Lake County E – opt in Yes
Town of Berlin E – opt in Yes
Brenda Murkley, Clerk 920-361-4717 x101

Town of Brooklyn B – total opt out No
Town of Green Lake B – total opt out No
Town of Kingston E – opt in Yes
Allan Hoffman, Chairman 920-394-3293

Town of Mackford E – opt in Yes
Sandy James, Clerk 920-398-2693

Town of Manchester B – total opt out No
Town of Marquette B – total opt out No
Town of Princeton F – abides by Act 377 Yes
Allan Weckwerth, Chairman 920-361-2976

Town of Seneca E – opt in Yes
Joe Formiller, Chairman 920-361-2976

Town of St. Marie E – opt in Yes
Jim Karlovich, Chairman 920-295-3432

IoH Permit: No Fee Permit Application for Implement of Husbandry (IoH) and Agricultural Commercial Motor Vehicles (Ag CMV) – (MV2578)

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Seasonal Weight Restrictions

Seasonal Weight Restrictions WILL BE LIFTED TUESDAY, APRIL 10, 2018

Highway Department Pursuant to Wisconsin Statutes 349.16, Green Lake County highway season weight restrictions will become effective March 5, 2018 on County Trunk Highways where posted. Weight will be limited to 4 tons per axle, 10 tons gross.

A permit is required to haul on a posted road, and will be issued on a case by case basis. See Multi-Trip Permit and Terms and Conditions attached. You may contact the Highway Department at 920-294-4060.

Green Lake County will be enforcing the posted seasonal weight limits and penalties may be imposed under §348.21 Wis. Statutes for violations.

This notice does not include town roads. Townships will need to be contacted directly for the status of their seasonal weight restrictions.

2018 Green Lake County Seasonal Weight Restrictions

CTH F (From the intersection of CTH E & CTH F by the Fairborn Church to the Waushara County Line)
CTH D North (From Princeton to CTH F)
CTH D (Between STH 23 & STH 73)
CTH Y (Between CTH Y & STH 73)
CTH J (STH 49 to Princeton)
CTH J (STH 73 to Marquette County)
CTH A (From STH 49 to STH 23)
CTH AA (From STH 49 to CTH A)
CTH AA (From STH 49 to CTH F)
CTH B (Between STH 73 & CTH N)
CTH N (Between CTH K & STH 44)
CTH Q (From CTH AW to CTH S east)
CTH S (RR Spur & CTH Q)
CTH S (From STH 73 to STH 44)
CTH H (Between STH 44 & STH 73)
CTH I (Between STH 44 & CTH A)
CTH I (Between CTH H & STH 73)
CTH B (From STH 73 to CTH H)
CTH H (From Puckaway Road to STH 44)
CTH O (From Markesan to CTH AW)
CTH U (Between CTH I & STH 73)
CTH S (Between Gate Road & CTH X)
CTH X (From STH 44 to CTH Q)

2018 Weight Restriction Map

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6 Year Improvement Plan

Approved by the Highway Committee December 13, 2017

CTH AW 3.5 Miles Columbia Co. Line – Dodge Co. Line Town of Mackford
TOTAL 3.5 Miles

CTH O 1.5 Miles Lovers Lane – Bridge Street Town of Mackford
TOTAL 1.5 Miles

Chip Seal:
CTH H 3.1 Miles STH 73 – STH 44 Town of Green Lake
CTH T 7.5 Miles STH 23 – Bend Road Town of Princeton
CTH W 2.8 Miles STH 23/73 – CTH D Town of Princeton
TOTAL 13.4 Miles

CTH CC 3.75 Miles CHT J – CTH I Town of St. Marie
CTH S 1.2 Miles RR spur – CTH Q Town of Mackford
TOTAL 4.95 Miles

Chip Seal:
CTH A 4.15 Miles CTH J – CTH AA Town of Brooklyn/Berlin
CTH AA 1.01 Miles CTH A – STH 49 Town of Berlin
CTH D 4.8 Miles County Line Rd – Disterhaft Town of Seneca/St. Marie
CTH PP 3.0 Miles CTH F – FDL Co. Line Town of Brooklyn
TOTAL 12.96 Miles

CTH D 2.25 Miles City of Princeton – White River Rd Town of St. Marie
CTH D 0.75 Miles STH 23 – N. City of Princeton City of Princeton
TOTAL 3.0 Miles

Chip Seal:
CTH B 2.7 Miles CTH O – STH 73 Town of Green Lake
CTH I 2.5 Miles STH 73/44 – CTH H Town of Manchester
CTH N 1.0 Miles STH 44 – CTH B Town of Green Lake
CTH O 3.21 Miles Lovers Lane – CTH AW Town of Mackford
TOTAL 9.41 Miles

CTH H 1.71 Miles Puckaway Rd – CTH B Town/Village of Marquette
CTH O 1.75 Miles CTH B – CTH K Town of Green Lake
TOTAL 3.46 Miles

Chip Seal:
CTH K 6.0 Miles CTH N – STH 73 Town of Green Lake
CTH K 2.0 Miles CTH A – FDL Co. Line Town of Green Lake
TOTAL 8.0 Miles

CTH Q 5.0 Miles CTH S – CTH X Town of Mackford
TOTAL 5.0 Miles

Chip Seal:
CTH V 5.0 Miles CTH A – 37th Ave(FDL Co. Line) Town of Berlin
CTH F 5.0 Miles Oak Dr. (City of Berlin) – CTH FF Town of Berlin
TOTAL 10.0 Miles

CTH I 3.34 Miles STH 44 – CTH A Town of Manchester/Mackford
TOTAL 3.34 Miles

Chip Seal:
CTH B 2.0 Miles Hilltop Rd. – CTH H Town of Green Lake/Marquette
CTH H 1.7 Miles Puckaway Rd. – Town Line Town of Marquette
CTH M 3.5 Miles County Line – CTH X Town of Manchester
TOTAL 7.2 Miles

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Contact Us

  • Office Hours:
    October thru April
    May thru September
  • Address: 570 South Street
    Green Lake, WI 54941
  • Phone: 920-294-4060
  • Fax: 920-294-4066
  • Email: glchwy@co.green-lake.wi.us
  • Please Note: In order to address all issues properly, we are only able to respond to emails that contain your name, address and phone number.