Finance Committee


The powers, duties, and responsibilities of the Finance Committee shall be as follows: (a) Examine and settle all accounts of the County and all claims, demands, or causes of action against the County, and cause to be issued orders therefore where the account or claim is not examined or settled by any other committee of the County Board. Any demand for money or for other damages stated in a suit or cause of action commenced against the County shall be referred by the Committee to the Corporation Counsel for his advice and recommendation before same be settled under and pursuant to this paragraph. (b) Develop the annual budget and submit it to the County Board at the annual meeting. Revenues and expenditures proposed by the several committees and departments of County Government shall be considered in the preparation of this budget. (c) The Finance Committee is hereby authorized, pursuant to Section 65.90(5)(b) of the Wisconsin Statutes to transfer funds between budgeted items of an individual County office or department, if such budgeted items have been separately appropriated and to supplement the appropriations for a particular office, department or activity by transfer from the contingency fund. Such committee transfers shall not exceed the amount set up in the contingent fund as adopted in the annual budget, nor aggregate in the case individual office, department or activity in excess of 10 per cent of the funds originally provided for such office, department or activity in such annual budget. Examine all requests over 10 percent for supplemental appropriations and submit recommendations on same to the County Board at its next regular, recessed, special or adjourned meeting. (d) Examine and investigate all requests for County borrowing, and submit its recommendations thereon to the County Board at its meeting next following the completion of said investigation. (e) The Committee shall direct all office procedure of the County Treasurer, and secure compliance with recommendations made by the State Department of Audit in relation thereto, and shall supervise the investment of all County funds not needed for immediate operation of the County, and shall direct the Treasurer with regard to such investments. (f) Have the authority to designate a representative to monitor and give input to the Personnel Committee during negotiations with labor unions and groups of professional employees. (f) The Committee shall perform duties relating to illegal assessments and tax deed lands in accordance with Wisconsin Statutes and County Ordinances. (g) In the absence of the County Administrator, the Finance Committee may pay vouchers and claims from any committee that may not meet monthly to insure timely payment of bills. (h) The Finance Committee shall be the oversite committee of the Economic Development Corporation. As relates to the Green Lake County Economic Development Corporation, the Chairperson of the Finance Committee or his/her designee from the Finance Committee, shall also serve on the Board of Directors of the Corporation, per Resolution 11-90.


The Finance Committee shall consist of five (5) Supervisors appointed by the County Board Chair and confirmed by the County Board for a two-year term or until a successor is appointed and confirmed.



Elizabeth Otto

Term Length

Two (2) Year


Fourth Wednesday of each month. County Board Room, Government Center, 571 County Road A, Green Lake WI 54941

For the exact date/time and location of meetings, please refer to the calendar of events.

More information can be found in Ordinance 11-2018 regarding the Finance Committee.