Slow No Wake

To: Media
From: Green Lake County Sheriff's Office
Re/Event: Slow-No-Wake
Date/Time of Incident: Saturday, May 5, 2018
Address: Fox River in the City of Berlin
Date of Release: 05/04/2018 Release #: 1-1


Due to recent rains, the Fox River at Berlin will go to the 13.0 foot mark putting Berlin above flood stage. Green Lake County Ordinance #266-6 (High Water, Slow-No-Wake Areas) imposes slow-no-wake restrictions on the Fox River in the City of Berlin.

Slow-no-wake is defined as operation at a speed as slow as possible while maintaining the ability to navigate.

According to Sheriff Mark A. Podoll, "the effort here isn't to write all kinds of citations, we are simply asking everyone to do the right thing." When the Fox River goes under 13.0 feet, according to USGS Gauge BERW3, the ordinance restrictions will be removed.

If violators are observed, obtain a boat registration number, description, direction of travel, and then call the Green Lake County Sheriff's Office at #920-294-4000. Ordinance #266.6, enacted in 2013, is meant to preserve property owner's shoreline and natural resources during those times when the Fox River is above the bank. The fine for this violation, first offense, is $232.00.

Release Prepared by: Mark P. Putzke
Chief Deputy Sheriff
  Green Lake County Sheriff's Office


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