Message from the Sheriff - Fishing Tournaments

From the Desk of Sheriff Mark A. Podoll

This coming weekend we have a few ice fishing tournaments in the area, one on Little Green Lake. The Little Green tournament is a multiple day event and offers lots of fun for many – maybe too much fun for some.

In years past, we have had law enforcement calls on the ice either during the event or overnight due to alcohol problems.  Disorderly conduct, intoxicated use of vehicles, underage drinking, and other crimes, or just bad behavior requiring our attention has taken place – some with injuries.  That said, I’m strongly considering partnering with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources in giving a little extra attention to Little Green this weekend.  No, we’re not going to ruin your fun unless your fun involves multiple alcoholic drinks, illegal drugs, theft, vandalism, or other illegal activity.

    Have fun on the ice this weekend, hope you catch “the big one”.  Our patrols will see you out there.

Mark A. Podoll
Green Lake County


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