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Date of the Crime: Wednesday, August 20, 2008
Location of the Crime: South Central Green Lake County (Markesan and Manchester)
Type of Crime: Theft SS #943.20(1) Burglary SS #943.10 Felony Crimes by State Statute
Between the hours of 5:30pm on Tuesday, August 19, and 6:00am on Wednesday, August 20, a felony theft of metal and burglary occurred in Southern Green Lake County. On South Gate Rd. a business construction site was entered and metal was illegally removed. Also, believed to be related, a truck parked on Cth.AW was entered and metal was taken without consent.
The stolen items are;
  1. 150 feet, 4/0, 21 strand covered copper wire,
  2. 50 feet, 4/0, 21 strand bare copper wire,
  3. 100 lbs. scrap copper,
  4. 50 feet, 2/0, Yellow covered wire,
  5. 50 feet, 1/0, covered copper wire.

Any information regarding this or any other crime may be reported anonymously to Green Lake County Crime Stoppers at 1-800-GET-THEM (1-800-438-8436) or e-mailed to ( Tipsters may be eligible for up to a $500.00 cash reward for information leading to the arrest of suspects or recovery of property.

Chief Deputy Mark P. Putzke
Law Enforcement Liaison to Crime Stoppers
Green Lake County Sheriff’s Office
486 Hill St. PO Box 586
Green Lake, WI. 54941
#920-294-4134 ext.140
“Let’s all be Crime Stoppers”


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