Message from the Sheriff - Snow and Ice

From the Desk of Sheriff Mark A. Podoll

So far, our first few snow events have been relatively minor, “dustings”. Our first accumulating snow and ice eventually will happen – just a matter of time. The predictable pattern I need to address is the multitude of traffic crashes and slide off incidents directly related to slippery roads. Motorists not prepared will end up in the ditch or worse.  If I can prevent even one of you from being one of those unfortunate two dozen I will.

   In preparation for our first slippery roads, please:

  1. Make sure your vehicle is ready for the weather.
  2. Check your tires, windshield wipers, and battery.
  3. Scrape your windshield and windows clean for good visibility – not the 8 inch hole that some try to use; fully clean the windshield for good visibility.
  4. The big one, plan extra time for travel, anticipate others actions and drive cautiously.  
  5. With your help and attention we can make Green Lake County a safer community – join me in that effort.
  6. One last topic is snow removal. Per WI. SS#86.01 and SS #346.94, it is illegal to leave any piles, trailings, ridges, or snow and ice debris upon a public roadway. If you are scraping snow across a public road, make sure and remove all of it. As you may be aware, when this debris re-freezes it becomes solid and could cause another vehicle to lose control – you could be liable and subject to a fine. Additionally, snow left in the road right of way, ditch area, should be pushed far enough out of the way as to not interfere with municipal snow removal.
  7. Concerning snow removal crews, County-Wide, historically, we continue to see incidents of illegal activity involving citizens’ interaction with plow trucks and snow removal. Our Highway Commissioner and her crew, also, all the Cities, Towns, and Villages, work hard to try and get out, get done, and move along so you can be on your way – please respect their efforts. The law is clear, WI. SS#346.915, stay back 200 feet for a posted speed of 35 mph or more, 75 feet for 35 mph or less. This does not apply to a stopped plow or passing a plow – if passing is safe at all. Please don’t pass into the unknown snow cloud that kicks up behind a plow truck; it’s not worth it.              

Mark A. Podoll
Green Lake County


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