Message from the Sheriff

From the Desk of Sheriff Mark Podoll

    Concerning the final weeks of summer, I need to share something about our seatbelt Task Force and drug interdiction deployments - I hope we are able to not write any citations and make zero arrests.  Yes, I said it, we'll be out there in force and I hope that we make no arrests and write zero citations.  Only you can make this happen and here's how:

  • Drive the speed limit, wear your seat belt, and obey the traffic laws. We won't have a reason to pull you over.
  • Drive sober, get a ride home if you are not sober, stop someone who is intoxicated from driving - get them a ride, make a difference in their life.
  • Don't do drugs, repeat - don't do drugs, don't buy drugs, and don't sell drugs. Reach out for help - it's out there.
  • Respect other operators on the road, trucks, cars, bikes, motorcycles, runners, walkers, and everyone else entitled to their portion of the roadway. Respect different legal driving styles and why those styles might be that way. Make others socially relevant and not just another car that's slowing up traffic by going 52mph in a 55mph limit.
  • Put your phone down, stop texting, get off the internet; instead, visit the ones you care about. Driving is a responsibility that takes all of your senses.

So, show our Task Force that you can do it. Make it "Cool" to arrive at your destination safe, on time, and without a $200.00 citation.

Have a successful and safe last grab at summer.

Mark A. Podoll, Sheriff
Green Lake County


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