Littering/Wasting Resources

To: Media
From: Green Lake County Sheriff's Office
Re/Event: Littering/Wasting Resources
Date/Time of Incident: On-going
Address: Big Green Lake, Cth K at Dodge Memorial Park Bridge
Date of Release: 05/17/18  Release #: 1-1

Big Green Lake, in Green Lake County, is connected to a large marsh at the west end. This location, Cth.K at Dodge Memorial Park, has a bridge that is commonly used by outdoor enthusiasts to harvest carp and rough fish. While the harvest of carp is beneficial to the lake, individuals are reminded to remove and dispose of what is harvested. To leave dead fish at any location is considered littering. Additionally, discarded rotting fish at this or any public gathering point distracts from others' enjoyment and creates sanitary issues.

The Green Lake County Sheriff's Office will be issuing citations for these violations at Dodge Memorial Park and other locations. The fine for these violations is $200.50.
Release Prepared by: Mark P. Putzke
Chief Deputy Sheriff
  Green Lake County Sheriff's Office


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