Blue-Green Algae on Little Green Lake

GREEN LAKE COUNTY, WI-- Please be advised that on, 7/31/2018, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources confirmed the presence of blue-green algae on Little Green Lake. The water condition can change rapidly with blue-green algal blooms so stay alert and watch for signs of blue-green algae prior to entering the water! When it comes to blue-green algae, just remember: When in Doubt, Stay Out!

Blue-green algal blooms can be toxic. Keep yourself and your pets safe with the following steps:
Avoid swallowing lake water and do not touch algal scums
Keeps pets away from the water and do not let them drink water that may contain blue-green algae.
Be alert and avoid water that
o Looks like pea soup or spilled paint
o Is discolored or has colored streaks
o Has surface scums, mats, or films o Has green dots or globs floating below the surface

For more information, visit the Wisconsin Department of Health Services' Blue-Green Algae Website or contact the Green Lake County Health Department at 920-294-4070.


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