Message from the Sheriff

From the Desk of Sheriff Mark A. Podoll

Topic: Speed Task Force and Drug Interdiction Enforcement

   When I became Sheriff in 2007 I took an oath of office.  My oath was to serve as the lead law enforcement official for the County and to do the best I can to protect the innocent and law abiding from danger and hold the law breakers accountable.  Today, protecting our innocent from the dangers of drugs, and arresting drug dealers, is still a major part of that oath.

   I need to talk to you again about illegal drugs; specifically, heroin, prescription medication, marijuana, and more recently methamphetamine - yes, meth in Green Lake County!

   Methamphetamine is cooked in a chemical reaction process that yields first a chemically explosive compound.  Then, a residue of which part is the drug product. Commonly, these drugs are cooked in discarded plastic soda bottles.  One might find these bottles in homes or vehicles.  The effects of meth use is often seen in impaired driving, just like driving under the influence of alcohol and other drugs including marijuana.  

   The Green Lake County Sheriff's Office and all of our City Police agencies are part of a grant funded speed task force.  Yes, we are looking for speed related traffic violations; however, we are also looking for indicators of drug use and transportation. I have added two drug dogs and one Drug Recognition Expert Deputy to the process.  I did this as part of my oath to serve the community.

   "Summer Heat", is a grant period that our Speed Task Force will work in July and August.  Look for our teams out on the roadway and in our local communities - you know what we are looking for.  

Mark A. Podoll
Sheriff of Green Lake County


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