Horse and Buggy Driver's Manual

Horse and Buggy Driver's Manual


Now more than ever, we, as horse and buggy drivers, need to be careful and observe the basic rules of safety when traveling on today’s busy roads. There is more traffic going much faster than ever before and we must do what we can to assure our own safety as well as that of motorists with whom we must share the road. We’ve created a horse and buggy driver safety manual to assist in this effort. Proper operation of your horse and buggy on these busy roads can greatly reduce accidents.

The manual is intended for horse and buggy drivers operating on public roadways. However, this manual can also be useful for motor vehicle drivers, especially out-of-town visitors and tourists, not familiar with encountering horse and buggies traveling on the road. We hope that you will find this information useful and will do your part to make our roadways safe.


We gratefully acknowledge and appreciate the cooperation of the following people and organizations:

Members of the Plain Community
Members from Green Lake County
Members from Columbia County
Members from Marquette County
Wisconsin Department of Transportation

Published April 2016

For Information Contact:

Green Lake County Clerk - Phone: 920-294-4005

Columbia County Clerk - Phone: 608-742-9654

Marquette County Clerk - Phone: 608-297-3016

This can also be found in the Documents & Forms tab under the Sheriff's section.


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