Marijuana Grow Operation

To: Media
From: Green Lake County Sheiff's Office
Re/Event:  Marijuana Grow Operation     GLSO:  151900
Date/Time of Incident: Saturday, July 12, 2015 at 7:45pm
Address: #W2813 Kahl Rd., Township of Green Lake,Green Lake County, Wisconsin
Date of Release: 07/20/2015
Release #: 1


On Sunday, July 12, 2015, the Green Lake County Sheriff's Office received a call from the West Suburban Major Crimes Task Force of Illinois. The Task Force agency asked that a message be delivered to the residence of a Mr. William Carlson of Kahl Rd. in Southern Green Lake County. A Deputy arrived on Kahl Rd. at approximately 7:40pm.

   Upon arrival at the residence, the Deputy immediately detected the smell of raw marijuana. The Deputy also observed vent pipes blowing air from the garage, blocked out windows, and plant pots. Deputy staff involved the Green Lake County District Attorney and applied for a search warrant for the residence which was signed by the Circuit Court. Prior to executing the search warrant, the Illinois Task Force agency was contacted and the notification was cancelled. The warrant was served at approximately 9:30pm. No-one was inside of the residence.

   Upon service of the search warrant, Deputy staff then located a grow operation and marijuana in the garage area of the home. Deputies, Detectives, and an evidence processing team dismantled the grow operation and secured the same as evidence. A total of 3,402 grams of marijuana (7.5 lbs.) and 25 live plants were seized. Deputy staff left the scene of the grow at 1:33am on Monday, July 13.

   During the seizure of illegal items, information was developed as to the possible owner and/or custodian of the grow operation. Enough information was obtained to identify the property owner, William S. Carlson, as a potential suspect. Deputy staff had been unable to locate William Carlson.

   On Sunday, July 19, information was obtained stating that the owner of the Kahl Rd. home, William S. Carlson, Age 60, had been positively identified as a victim of a weapon related homicide in River Forest, Illinois on July 12, 2015.

   The Green Lake County Sheriff's Office is currently working with River Forest, Illinois officials, and locally, to determine any other facts and circumstances associated to the homicide in Illinois or the marijuana grow operation in Green Lake.

Case Continues        


Release Prepared by:  Mark P. Putzke
                                     Chief Deputy


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