2015 Snowmobile Season

While maybe a little chilly outside lately, winter has arrived. I've noticed some snowmobiles on trailers and listen to a few who have the "itch" to get riding.

   Concerning the up-coming season, I'd like to ask for some cooperation from all the snowmobile enthusiasts and will sum up the complaints and concerns that the County Snowmobile Clubs, Warden Nate Ackerman, and I have:

1)Safety. Goes without saying, yet, speed and alcohol claim lives and cause injuries to riders in Wisconsin every year. Remember, you can be arrested for OWI on a snowmobile. Also, the speed limit at night is 55 mph. Obeying posted signs and using good common sense will bring you back safely.

2)Trespass. Your local snowmobile clubs work long hours clearing, marking, and securing permission for trails. If you leave the trail, you're on your own and subject to a $295.00 trespass citation.

3)Registration. Make sure you are registered for the season. Don't spoil an outing with family or friends by neglecting to be legal.

4)Courtesy. Be courteous to other riders and their abilities. Also, to private property owners and what they have invested in their land.

5)Wildlife. Consider that Deer, Turkey, and other wildlife are at risk in the cold and snow. Please don't use your machine to harass wildlife.

   As in years past, look for Club Snowmobile Patrol officials to be paired with Deputy Staff. I'm certain Warden Ackerman will also be patrolling with us. By doing us a favor in addressing the above issues, you'll be helping me, help you and your sport.

Ride Safe,

Mark A. Podoll, Sheriff, Green Lake County


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