Early Ice in Green Lake County

From the Desk of Sheriff Mark Podoll


   While this last weekend was warm, our Fall has had some cooler temperatures. These cooler weeks have allowed ice to form on some of our ponds, channels, lakes, bays, and rivers. Sadly, last Wednesday afternoon, November 28th, a family dog broke through the ice on the Fox River west of Princeton. Law Enforcement, Fire/Rescue, and other emergency services were called to the scene, yet the family dog died in this incident.

   Deputy staff have observed some early ice fishing activity in our area. While I fully support anyone's right to enjoy our beautiful County, I would give words of caution to those who choose to venture out on the ice this early in the season. Any ice travel, at any time of the Winter, should be considered cautiously. There are recommended standards for ice travel, however, with the influence of wind, sun, rain, snow, and varied day and night temperatures, ice is at best unstable this time of year in particular.

   I'm very certain that the dog death in Princeton was a family tragedy for those involved. I know that pets have certainly been a part of my family. I feel badly that this happened and can't imagine loosing other members of my family, or others in our community, as a result of a mistake by going out on the ice too soon. As your Sheriff, I think my best advice to you is not to risk it.



Mark A. Podoll
Green Lake County

Click here for pictures of the early ice that has been forming.


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