Ice/Water Rescue #120612

To:              Media

From:         Green Lake County Sheriff's Office

Re/Event:   Ice/Water Rescue #120612

Date/Time of Incident: 03-05-12 at 1:20pm 

Address: Middle of Little Green Lake 

Date of Release: 03-05-12              Release #: 1-1

Information:  On Monday March 5th, at approximately 1:20pm Green Lake County Sheriff's Office received a 911 call from an individual who heard someone yelling for help from a subject who had fallen through the ice on Little Green Lake. The victim was in the water at the time of the call.

  Markesan Fire Department, Markesan EMS, Princeton Ice and Water Rescue, Green Lake County Sheriff's Department were paged to respond to the scene.

  Authorites arrived at about 1:30pm and Markesan Fire Dept. had traveled to the location of the victim with a 6-wheel all terrain vehicle. Firefighters were able to rescue the victim from the icy water at about 1:40pm. The victim was transported in to shore on the all terrain vehicle to an awaiting ambulance. The victim was on a 4-wheel ATV traveling across the lake when he came upon a weak spot in the ice covered by snow. Victim and ATV went into the water. The victim estimated that he was in the water for approx. 20 minutes prior to rescue. The victim was transported to Ripon Medical Center for evaluation. Outdoor enthusiasts are reminded that warmer than normal conditions has made recreation on the ice hazardous.

Release Prepared by: Sgt Keving Manning


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