Work Release Inmate Escape/Motor Vehicle Theft

To:              Media

From:         Green Lake County Sheriff's Office

Re/Event:   Work Release Inmate Escape/Motor Vehicle Theft  

Date/Time of Incident:   Tuesday, January 30, 2012

Address:     Green Lake County Highway Shop
                     South St., Green Lake, Wisconsin

Date of Release:   02/06/12                              Release #: 1-1

Information:   On Tuesday, January 30, 2012, at approximately 10:15am, the Green Lake County Correctional Facility was notified of a work/release inmate who was missing from his duties at the Green Lake County Highway Shop.   A short time later, Sheriff's Officials arrived and found that clothing and money had been stolen from employees. License plates had been switched on two employee vehicles; one of the vehicles was now missing.

   Inmate Steven M. Sampson, age 46, is suspected of stealing a privately owned 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix, color of Blue.

   Sampson was incarcerated under court ordered Huber Law work/release privileges, classified as a low risk inmate, and was working at the Green Lake County Highway shop. Sheriff's Detectives had been communicating with Riverside, Illinois, police due to Sampson's ties to that area.

   On Tuesday, February 7, approximately 3:00pm, the stolen motor-vehicle and Steven M. Sampson were apprehended in Cook County, Illinois.

   After extraditions proceedings, Sampson may be charged locally with theft, motor vehicle theft, and inmate escape.

Release Prepared by:   Mark P. Putzke
                                  Chief Deputy Sheriff 
                                  Green Lake County


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