Circulation of Altered Coins (Quarters) #120043

On Thursday, January 5, 2012, the Green Lake County Sheriff's Office was notified of possible illegal coins being circulated in southern Green Lake County. A deputy who responded to the call examined two 25 cent coins, quarter dollars, which had the image of President Obama on them with "Change" and "Yes We Can" printed at the bottom.

After a brief examination, the coins appear to be real state quarters with an overlay of the image and message on one side. Research into this matter revealed that coin and collector companies had intentionally altered the quarters in an attempt to profit from the sale of them as a novelty. The quarters did not sell as expected and the companies have been liquidating them ever since.

According to research conducted thus far, the U.S. Mint is aware of the novelty pieces. The altered quarters are still worth 25 cents. 


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