Message from the Sheriff

Responding to calls concerning suspicious activity is an important part of the Sheriff's responsibility to the community. Recently, on two occasions, deputy staff responded to citizens who had reported that a strange man came to their property and was talking about the police and crime. In both instances deputies identified the man and handled the calls appropriately.

The Sheriff's Office relies heavily on you in our efforts to detect and prevent trouble in our Townships, Villages, Cities, and the County as a whole. If you feel something isn't right, it usually is not. In both of the above cases citizens trusted their instincts and called the Sheriff's Office. We are never too busy to check on suspicious activity.

Green Lake County code mandates that peddlers and transient merchants apply for and be licensed to sell "door to door". State law prohibits any person from "impersonating peace officers". Other state laws address burglary, theft, and trespassing and assist in protecting your safety and the security of your property. Being rural, we rely on your calls to apply the above laws. Arriving at your call allows us to probe further in an effort to find out exactly what is going on - beyond what things may appear to be on the surface.

As you enjoy the Fall in and around Green Lake County, please be observant on behalf of your family, friends, neighbors, and the Community. We are here for your call.

Stay safe,

Mark A. Podoll,
Green Lake County


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