Alcohol Related Eluding Incident

To:              Media

From:         Green Lake County Sheriff's Office

Re/Event:   Alcohol Related Eluding Incident #110140

Date/Time of Incident:  Saturday, March 12, 2011, 9:37 a.m.

Address:  City of Green Lake, Township of Brooklyn, Township of    
            Berlin, City of Berlin, in Green Lake County, Wis   

Date of Release:   03/21/11                     Release #: 1/1


On Saturday, March 12, 2011, at approximately 9:37am, a City of Green Lake Police Officer observed a subject driving within the City who was known to be revoked for driving status.  When the City Officer turned to effect a stop, the operator of the vehicle had disappeared. 

At approximately 9:57am a Green Lake County Sheriff's Deputy, while on Sth.23, observed the suspect vehicle from the City.   The vehicle matched the description including the license plate.  Turning to stop the suspected revoked driver the vehicle turned upon Berlin Rd..  The Deputy activated the emergency lights and siren and the suspect vehicle increased in speed then turning upon Sth.49 headed North.  While on Sth.49 the suspect vehicle again increased speeds to between 90-100 mph.  The suspect vehicle also passed other vehicles while on Sth.49.

Entering the City of Berlin the suspect vehicle manuevered around tire deflation devices, set by Berlin Police, and continued North.  The suspect vehicle traveled Church St., Junction, Leffert, Huron, North Sweeting, East Noyes, East Moore, Bates, and then pulled over on E. Liberty just prior to Center St..  City of Berlin Police and County Sheriff's Patrol prepared for a felony stop when they then observed a knife being held by the subject.  The subject then sustained a self inflicted wound from the knife.  Electonic taser devices were deployed during the incident.  After being secured, the male party was transported by Berlin Ambulance to the Berlin Memorial Hospital for treatment.  The subject was taken into protective custody.

Charges have been referred to the Green Lake County District Attorney for Operating While Intoxicated 5th offense, Operate after Revocation/OWI Related, Operator Fleeing/Eluding an Officer,  and Failure to install an Ignition Interlock Device.

This case remains under investigation.  

Release Prepared by:  Mark P. Putzke
                                Chief Deputy Sheriff   
                                Green Lake County Sheriff's Office


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