Aircraft Emergency Landing #102186

Date/Time of Incident: 12:44 pm, Sunday, July 25th, 2010

Address:  STH 73, 1/2 mile North of North Rd., Township of 
                  Green Lake, Green Lake County, Wisconsin.

Date of Release:  07/25/10

  On Sunday, July 25th, 2010, at 12:44pm, the Green Lake County Sheriff's Commuincations Center was advised of an aircraft in a field on Sth.73 and North Road in the Township of Green Lake.  Emergency responders and Sheriff's Deputies were dispatched to the scene and arrived at 1:00pm.   Emergency responders then found a small plane down in a soybean field approximately 300 feet West of Sth.73.  The aircraft operator, Mr. Michael Lella, age 58, of Groveland, California, and a passenger, Mr. Douglas Metcalf, age 53, of Jun Batsta, California were uninjured and out of the plane.
  According to accounts of the incident, Mr. Lella and Mr. Metcalf, Lella operating the 1957 Bonanza Beachcraft, were headed to Oshkosh when Lella encountered a power failure.   Mr. Lella was forced to make an emergency landing in a soybean field, struck a small earthen mound, and skidded to a stop.  Lella and Metcalf were uninjured during the landing.  The aircraft is believed to be severly damaged.

  Responding to the scene was the Markesan Fire Department, Markesan EMS, Markesan Emergency Government, and the Green Lake County Sheriff's Office.

  The aircraft remains at the scene until examined by FAA Officials.

Release Prepared by:  Mark P. Putzke, Chief Deputy Sheriff


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