Water Rescue

To: Media
From: Green Lake County Sheriff's Office
Re/Event: Water Rescue
Date/Time of Incident: Saturday, May 9, 2009, 2:33 pm
Address: Lake Puckaway, Township of Marquette,
Green Lake County, Wisconsin
Date of Release: 05/12/09 Release #: 1-1
On Saturday, May 9, 2009, 2:33pm, the Green Lake County Sheriff's Office received a report of three capsized canoes on Lake Puckaway. Lake Puckaway is approximately 2 miles wide, 8 miles long, and covers approximately 5,000 acres in the Southwest corner of Green Lake County. Markesan Fire Dept., Princeton Fire and Water Rescue, Kingston Fire Dept., Montello Fire Dept., Southern Green Lake County Ambulance, Princeton Ambulance, Marquette County Sheriff's Office, and the Green Lake County Sheriff's Office responded to the scene from both the North and South shores. Several citizens also assisted with private boats. Four capsized canoes were located and eight canoeists were rescued with numerous other canoeists being given rides to shore due to excessive waves upon the lake. Other canoeists arrived at both the North and South shores on their own. All parties were accounted for. The canoeing party consisted of 43 students and 10 adults. No serious injuries were reported, however, some individuals who had entered the water were treated for exposure to cold.

Release Prepared by:
Mark P. Putzke
Chief Deputy Sheriff
Green Lake County Sheriff's Office


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