The office of the Clerk of Circuit Courts provides services to the public, legal profession, law enforcement, local, state, and federal agencies for criminal, traffic, small claims, civil and family cases.

The Clerk of Circuit Courts office is also responsible for jury management services to the judiciary and the defendants.

Green Lake County's current court records are maintained and presented with the Director of State Courts in Madison through the Circuit Court Automation Program (CCAP). These records can be reviewed at

Kelly, Megan
Deputy, Court Records Clerk/PT
Rahmer, Sheri
Deputy, Court Records Clerk 
Thoma, Amy
Clerk of Courts 
Werch, Cindy
Deputy, Court Records Clerk
Action is begun by completing a Small Claims Summons and Complaint. This form (SC-500) may be obtained from the Clerk of Court's office or downloaded on the web site at Although the Clerk of Court's office can assist with the paperwork, we cannot give legal advice; we can only suggest that you consult with an attorney.

The plaintiff's name and address must be inserted on the form. The defendant's name, street and mailing address must be inserted in order to serve the papers on the defendant. Check the box for the type of action. Write down the full description of your claim. Be as specific as possible. YOU ARE REQUIRED TO ATTACH ANY DOCUMENTS THAT SUPPORT YOUR CLAIM i.e. INVOICES, STATEMENTS, ETC. Sign the document, having your signature notarized. Provide the appropriate copies for filing - The original is to be filed with the Court, a copy provided to the plaintiff and to EACH named defendant. If you mail in your Summons and Complaint for filing, please enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope so that the remaining copies may be returned to you.

The cost for filing a Small Claims action is $94.50 and must be paid at the time of filing. The papers must then be served on the defendant(s) by: Regular mail - A $2.00 fee for each defendant is paid to the Clerk upon filing. Defendant must reside in Green Lake County. EXCEPTION: Eviction actions require personal service regardless of the county in which the defendant resides. Personal Service - The papers can be served by the Sheriff's Department in the county the defendant resides in or by a Private Process Server. When service is obtained, you will be sent a Certificate of Service, which must be filed with the Clerk of Court's office prior to court date.

The Affidavit of Nonmilitary Service MUST be used when you want the court to enter a default judgment in your favor if the defendant does not reply to your complaint or does not appear in court. If you are granted a default judgment, the judgment will NOT be entered until the Affidavit of Nonmilitary Service has been filed with the Court. Please read the affidavit CAREFULLY as to how to obtain the necessary information as to the defendant's military status. This form may be downloaded from or obtained from the Clerk of Courts Office.
Please read Completing Affidavit of Nonmilitary Service for more information.

Small Claims initial return dates are held on Wednesdays at 1:30 p.m. IF BOTH THE PLAINTIFF AND DEFENDANT APPEAR: The Court will arrange a settlement discussion between the parties. If no settlement can be reached, the matter will be set for a trial at a later date. IF PLAINTIFF APPEARS AND DEFENDANT DOES NOT: The Court will enter default judgment against the defendant. IF DEFENDANT APPEARS AND PLAINTIFF DOES NOT: The Court will dismiss the complaint.

When a judgment is granted for money, the Clerk will send a Notice of Entry of Judgment to the parties. The losing party (debtor) is also sent a Financial Disclosure Statement, a disclosure of their income and assets. This must be completed and returned to the plaintiff (creditor) within 15 days, unless the debtor pays the judgment in full before that time. If the Financial Disclosure Statement is not received, the creditor may request a hearing finding the debtor in contempt of court. The creditor must complete and a Motion and Order for Hearing on Contempt form which may be obtained from the Clerk's office or off the web site.

Please contact the Clerk of Court's Office at (920) 294-4142 if you have any questions regarding Small Claims Procedures.