Slate, Mark T.
Circuit Court Judge

Court reporters, although sometimes taken for granted because they are seldom heard or seen, play a critical function in the courtroom.  Court reporters take a verbatim transcript of everything that happens in the courtroom.  

Green Lake County utilizes two court reporters.  Brenda Sosinsky is the main court reporter, with Jill Bartol filling in on a part-time basis.

Sosinsky, Brenda
(920) 294-4045

Bartoll, Jill
(920) 294-4045 

The Register in Probate oversees the Probate Court.  Probate is the court-supervised process for the orderly transfer of a decedent's assets to those who are entitled to them.  The process ensures that notice is properly given, that all debts, taxes, and expenses are paid, that the assets are distributed in accordance with the last Will or to the heirs as determined by statute.

Eisenga, Tami
Register in Probate
(920) 294-4044

A guide on informal probate
Family Court Commissioner
The Family Court Commissioner hears all Mediation Screenings, Temporary Orders in divorce cases and Stipulated Divorce Hearings. If you need to contact the Family Court Commissioner you can contact him by mail at the courthouse address, or call.

Conti, Henry  
(920) 294-4042
Green Lake County is in the process of creating local rules. Please check back further for updates.

Other court's local rules

Franklin B. Hawes

A.G. Myers

Thomas B. Ryan

J. Edmund Millard

Sherman G. Potter

Perry Nekern

George Ostrander

David C. Willis

W.M. McMonigal