The Register of Deeds is the official county repository for real estate records (deeds, land contracts, mortgages, etc.), personal property records (UCC filings) and vital records (birth, death, marriage and military discharges).


  • To provide the official county repository for: Real Estate records (deeds, land contracts, mortgages, etc.)
    Personal property records (UCC filings) Vital records (Birth, Death, Marriage and Military Discharges)
  • To provide safe archival storage and convenient access to these public records.
  • To implement statutory changes, system modernization, program and procedure evaluation and staff development to assure a high level of timely customers services for our citizen-customers.
Property Fraud Alert
The Green Lake County Register of Deeds office is pleased to announce that it is releasing a free on-line service that will allow Green Lake County citizens the ability to have their name monitored within the Register of Deeds office in order to track possible fraudulent activity. Citizens will be notified only when the name they have submitted to Property Fraud Alert is found on a document recorded in the Register of Deeds office.

Protecting consumers information and real estate property are our top priorities. While Property Fraud Alert will not prevent fraud from happening it will provide an early warning system that will allow our citizens to take appropriate actions should they deem possible fraudulent activity has occurred with their property.

We are committed to bringing the best service possible to our citizens and are excited about the value this offering could bring. To sign up check out the website at

Once at the website, go to the drop down box and select Green Lake, WI. Follow the prompts: Sign Up Now, Agree to the Terms and Personal Information.

When submitting your name, using fewer letters in your first name will allow you to receive a more complete notification if something is recorded. For example:
  • Name: Smith, Kristine
  • Enter it as: Smith, Kr
The shorter version will cover the different variations of Kristi such as Kris, Kristine, and Kristin.

Your security does matter!

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