The Personnel Committee shall negotiate contracts with the several employee labor unions and associations of professional employees, through authority vested by the County Board, with all contracts subject to ratification of the County Board. A copy of all such contracts will be filed with the County Clerk. All committees shall have the authority to designate a member to monitor and give input to the Personnel Committee during negotiations with the Courthouse Union and professional employees. If a Department Head or Personnel Director is not appointed, the Personnel Committee shall serve in that capacity and shall assist all governing committees in working with the Union contracts affecting their departments, and hear all grievances at Step 3. The Personnel Committee shall establish policies for all County employees and publish and maintain the County Personnel Manual covering policies, procedures, job classifications and descriptions and salary schedules. The Personnel Committee shall establish a period of probation for all new employees and employees transferring from one position to another. The Personnel Committee shall develop employee performance records in cooperation with department heads, and work with all departments in resolving employee complaints. The Personnel Committee shall assist in the implementation of discipline such as reprimand, suspension, or discharge. Procedures shall be established for presentation of charges, hearings, and appeals for all permanent employees in service of Green Lake County. The Personnel Committee shall be notified by all committees holding personnel interviews for hiring so that representation of the Personnel Committee can attend, observe, and if needed, confer with the Committee. The Personnel Committee shall assist the Governing Committee with the recruiting, screening, interviewing, hiring and/or disciplining of all management-level personnel. Management-level is defined as a non-elected position responsible for the direction of a County department or a major sub-unit of same, with Nursing or Fox River Industries being examples of the latter. Input during interviews shall be solicited from the governing Board Chair and approved by the County Board.
The Personnel Committee shall consist of a five (5) member committee of Supervisors appointed by the County Board Chair, and approved by the County Board. The Committee shall be made up of one member from each of the elected committees, and the fifth member shall be the individual not elected to an elected committee.
Joe Gonyo, Sue Wendt, Robert Lyon, Robert Schweder, Curt Talma, and Charlie Wielgosh (Alternate)
Elizabeth Otto
Term Length
One (1) year
Thursday AFTER County Board Meeting of each month. County Board Room, Government Center, 571 County Road A, Green Lake WI 54941

For the exact date/time and location of meetings, please refer to the calendar of events.